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Back to School… wait, what?

You're a teacher? Insert the list of a million questions or statements we get following the words, "I am a teacher"... IYKYK. But more recently- that statement is followed by- Are you going back to school? How was online learning for you? Was it easier? Was it harder? As if teaching didn't already have a … Continue reading Back to School… wait, what?

Why I Can’t Tell You How To Self Care

Self Care Has Nothing To Do With What Influencers Are Doing. It’s probably one of the top trending phrases right now. We see it being thrown around by influencers, companies, brands, bloggers- there is even scientific data that proves taking care of our needs and happiness before others is a key to our livelihood and … Continue reading Why I Can’t Tell You How To Self Care

My Relationship With the Word Routine

I have a weird relationship with the word “routine”.. the enneagram 7 in me revolts at the idea of a routine. But everyone tells me it's important to find a routine.I do best with spontaneity, I thrive off of ‘wingin it’... So having a personality that LOVES adventure and going with the flow and changing … Continue reading My Relationship With the Word Routine