Hi, I’m Mari.

Just another twenty something in need of a creative outlet… all the while turning her quarter life crisis into a quarter life catapult.

This blog is for the people who have been described as, “the one with their head in the clouds” or maybe, “the one whose mind is on another planet.” This blog is for the people who feel like maybe they don’t fit a certain label or mold, for the ones who feel a little all over the place. This thought in itself is slightly oxymoronic, for it is my personal belief that everyone falls into that specific category- I call it “human”.

Her Life On Mars will provide an arrange of projects, articles, blog posts, opinion pieces, adventure guides, and recipes for a life that possesses no limits. From good eats to wellness feats, yoga flows to easing woes, from outdoor adventure to opinions uncensored…

Wherever you are, whatever brought you here, you’re doing a damn good job. Cheers to navigating life!

I could be bothered by making this first post perfect- but perfection is beside the point of the life I am aiming to live- and even more contradictory to the point of this blog.

Let’s build something together.